Check out what customers just like you have to say about Spiice, The World's Best Garlic Hot Sauce!


It’s got really good heat - it really intensifies the pizza.

Garlic and heat, that’s a great combo.  Wow.

It has layers of flavor.  It doesn’t really punch you right away, which is good. 

You can feel it kind of sparkling, and then it ramps up the flavor

You can taste the pizza, but still taste the Spiice.

I can like eat it and still taste that flavor, but not feel overwhelmed.

It’s hot but it’s sweet at the same time.

You can taste the dish right away, and then you get that kick in the end.  It’s fantastic.

It’s not too spicy, which is good because some people think that everything needs to be so hot.

Finally, a hot sauce that isn’t all about trying to prove how much heat I can handle!

It’s lit man.  Really.

I put it on everything - my eggs, my tacos, my pasta, my pizza, burgers, chicken.  No seriously, I even put this s#%* on my salad!